Artiko Super Freezer


Korin is proud to introduce our Artiko Super Freezer. A well-kept industry secret, the Super Freezer has been a mainstay of the high-end sushi kitchen since it made the crossover from medical to culinary application. The new law set to take effect in August 2015 requiring all New York City restaurants to freeze raw and undercooked fish will change the way that sushi restaurants serve fish. As a leading supplier of culinary equipment to the restaurant industry, we would like to take this opportunity to demonstrate that this new law need not be a reason to panic. Instead, we invite you to see firsthand the difference that a super freezer can make in preserving your ingredients and ensuring that you can offer the freshest, highest quality fish to your customers.

Given the new food safety law, sushi enthusiasts worry that the process of freezing fish will result in lower quality sushi, but this is not necessarily the case. Freezers are not all created equal, and the design and temperature of your freezer has dramatic implications for the quality and freshness of your product. While conventional freezers merely slow down the process of degradation, super freezers eliminate it altogether, stopping deterioration in its tracks. At a consistent low temperature of -76 °F, super freezers operate differently than regular freezers. While ingredients freeze gradually in the conventional freezer, super freezers freeze ingredients quickly and evenly, so they are as fresh as the moment before your froze them.

In order to understand the benefits of the super freezer, it is helpful to briefly consider the conventional process of freezing. As food begins to freeze, the water inside of the ingredients is draw to the outside where it forms ice crystals, dehydrating the food. When the food appears to be frozen solid it may still have liquid on the inside, which allows the deterioration process to continue at a slower rate. When frozen food thaws the water that was drawn out of the cells into ice crystals melts, resulting in a net loss of liquid. These large ice crystals damage cell membranes exacerbating the process of deterioration and drip-loss and resulting in ingredients that are not as fresh as they were when you originally froze them.

Super freezers work differently. The extremely low temperature freezes ingredients quickly and evenly, preventing ice crystals from forming on the outside of ingredients. Instead, tiny, uniform crystals form on the inside of ingredients in a process that prevents dehydration and keeps fish as fresh as the moment that you froze it. In cases where fish are placed in a super freezer only minutes after being caught, fish will go into rigor mortis after being thawed, a tribute to its freshness. Super freezing maintains the cell walls for beautifully colored, high quality, fresh fish that you will be proud to serve your customers.

The advent of the super freezer came out of a need for high quality medical equipment that could prevent the breakdown of blood in the hospital setting. The Artiko company made its name providing products for medial, pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries. Synonymous with reliability and quality, Artiko is continually in search of innovative solutions. When using the Artiko super freezer ingredients are preserved with zero deterioration, emerging as fresh as ever. Artiko demonstrates a strong commitment to the environment in offering a range of freezers with the lowest energy consumption in the world. What’s more, super freezing allows you to buy in season and serve ingredients year round, saving you money and enabling you to serve the freshest ingredients at any time. This economical and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional freezing makes a clear choice for the dedicated sushi restaurant.

Upscale sushi restaurants have been using super freezers for years to ensure that fish are free from bacteria and parasites. This new regulation is a challenge for the sushi industry, but one we have the technology to overcome. Freezing your fish not need mean lower quality, but in order to ensure that you can offer customers the freshest fish possible, it is necessary to invest in a super freezer that can not only prevent the growth of bacteria but also ensure fish is as fresh as the moment before you froze it. We invite you to experience the difference that the state of the art Artiko super freezer makes in your restaurant.

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