What made you want to be a chef?
Like most chefs i didn’t choose to be a chef, it just happened.. one day I was waiter, next day cutting scallions. However in the sushi bar it became student and master, and I never left since that day.

Do you have a mentor or chef who particularly inspired you?
I have 4 master chefs whom taught me and still watch me . I speak to all of them still, and always asks for advice and guidance.

What is the most important aspect of cooking to you?
Cooking come from the heart, not knowing what day it is, rather news year eve,, or the chefs own birthday. When it’s time to cook, we cook for others, not ourselves.

What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from life , and all that we have to share, music, art, the ocean and so many more. My purpose in life is to share with other and make them happy, thru sushi i achieve my destiny.

What has cuisine taught you about the world?
Cuisine is a reflection of a culture And or country. Sushi is efficient , clean, craftsmanship. A lot of those characteristics are seen all throughout Japanese culture.

What do you think of the recent popularity of Japanese food culture?
The recent boom in Japanese food is no surprise, thanks to technology and social media , we are no longer left to just hear stories about amazing meals . Now we have full access to some of the most Unique foods in the world. Japanese food is so diverse that it took this long to understand it, now we are finally eating and seeing it in our local streets and cities . And it’s “new” to a lot of people and the age of hamburger, hotdogs is over!

What do you think is the main differences between western style and Japanese style knives? Do you use both? If so, how do you decide what to use? What do you like about Japanese knives?
Japanese knives are made with purpose.. deba, for head, guts and bones. Usuba, for vegetables. Yanagi , for one slice motion… the list goes on. The knife is made specially for a type of ingredient.

Then the aspect of how it’s made, i will only buy a knife that was forged by a master knife maker. They know better then anyone about the types of steal and strength. Sushi chef is nothing without his knife, it is attached to his/her body.

What do your knives mean to you?
My knife tell a story, the more years , the more experience. Maintenance of Japanese knives, especially non rust proof is serous. It takes extra time to clean, sharp and store. But because how much you care about the next meal, is why you care how you slice and prepare it, all goes back to heart. Handmade knife, handmade meal. Machine made knife, machine made meal.

What is your advice for chefs who are thinking about buying their first Japanese knives?
Absolutely, no matter what cuisine you must have 1 Japanese knife. To fell and hold the difference as compared to a western knife. It will feel foreign at first, then you will learn new techniques.

What is your goal for your profession?
My goals are set high, it’s clear to me and my path, now i must work hard to accomplish it. It’s nice to be recognized and rewarded by the press and media.. but to be 80 years old and still standing behind my counter is a true victory.

2017 Korin Knife Catalog