Japanese Hot Pot (Nabe) Cooking Class at Korin

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Osakana (click here to purchase)

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 28th at 12pm | Monday, December 17th at 12pm

Location: 57 Warren Street, New York NY 10007

Format: Hands-On

Restrictions: Ages 18 and Older

Instructor: OSAKANA’s fish experts

Price: $250 per person

Maximum Capacity: 12 people

Located at 57 Warren Street in Manhattan, Korin and OSAKANA invite you to join us in this comprehensive class. OSAKANA’s fish experts will teach you how to butcher fish and create a multi-course meal in Korin’s kitchen. We will discuss how to properly identify quality fish, how to determine which parts of the fish to use for cooking or sashimi, and how to make sure there is no waste (mottainai) in any part of our cooking. The class will culminate in a meal complete with:

(Shio-Yaki) Roasted Fish of the day

Small Sashimi Plate (sliced by all of us)

Quick Dashi made with the Fish bones, Konbu, Katsuobushi


Nimono Vegetables

6-grain Rice

*Knife skills are not required, as we will guide you hand-in-hand during this class.*


OSAKANA is a Japanese-style fish market and education center, focused on bringing locally caught, wild seafood to our community. We aim to connect diners with the great variety of species available in the Atlantic Ocean. OSAKANA combines Japanese traditions, with local ingredients in an effort to make both more accessible to home cooks.