Ion Strong Glass, A Must Get for the Holidays!

Ion Strong glasses are a must get for the holidays. Available in single pieces, 2 piece sets & 6 piece sets. And many different choices to choose from;  Champagne Flute, Wine Glass, Goblet Glass, Burgundy Glass, Pilsner Glass and many more.

“Fine Crystal Ion Strong” is a completely new lead-free crystal glass which has been developed by Toyo-Sasaki Glass of Japan. It is equipped with a number of unique features. Dishwasher Safe for both home and commercial use.

The glass is lead free and highly resistant against alkaline washing agents. Our tests show that after 4500 wash cycles in a commercial dishwasher, there is no change in appearance.

Glass strength improved by about 1.5 times* by using the unique chemical toughening process called “ION STRONG” to “FINE CRYSTAL”. This process keeps the brightness and brilliance unique to conventional crystal glass, while greatly improving glass strength and durability. By reinforcing the entire surface of the glass chemically, chipping is also significantly reduced.