Korin Holiday 2011 Gift Ideas

Still don’t know what to get for your loved ones this holiday? Then see below for great last minute gifts that will be perfect for everyone on your list!

Korin’s Gift Idea # 1 – TOGIHARU INOX STEEL: Stay sharp this holiday with exclusive to Korin only Togiharu Knives. http://bit.ly/gift1_togiharu With its ultra-thin profile and keen edge, this Inox steel knife glides through food without drag or resistance. Blades are a blend of high-grade Chromium and Molybdenum Inox steel. Incredible sharpness, a long-lasting edge and rust resistance all in one knife.

Korin’s Gift Idea # 2 – ION STRONG GLASS: A must get for the holidays. “Fine Crystal Ion Strong” is a completely new lead-free crystal glass which has been developed by Toyo-Sasaki Glass of Japan to be dishwasher safe, durable and scratch-resistance. http://bit.ly/ut3jRq Available in single pieces, 2 piece sets & 6 piece sets. And many different choices to choose from;  Champagne Flute, Wine Glass, Goblet Glass, Burgundy Glass, Pilsner Glass and many more.

Korin’s Gift Idea # 3 – BLUE FLORAL DONABE: Stay warm this winter with a nice big hot pot of soup or whatever you crave. This beautiful donabe will be a perfect add-on during the family gathering! http://bit.ly/gift3_blue_donabe

Korin’s Gift Idea # 4 – GLASS TEAPOT & TEACUP: Beautiful glass teapot & teacup keeps you warm during this cold winter, whats not to love? http://bit.ly/gift4_glasspot

Korin’s Gift Idea # 5 – TOGIHARU HAMMERED DAMASCUS KNIFE: Beautifully crafted from top grade Japanese steel, these Damascus style knives also have a unique hammered texture or ‘tsuchi-me’ on the blade. Created with a 50/50 double edged blade, this full line of Western style knives, is made under Togiharu. With their sharp edge and beautiful pattern, the Togiharu Hammered Damascus knives are truly a balance of performance and great design. http://bit.ly/gift5_damascus

Korin’s Gift Idea # 5 – SAKE CUPS & BOTTLE: Enjoy Japanese sake either hot or cold with Korin’s collection of beautiful sake cups and bottles. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. http://bit.ly/gift6_sake

Korin’s Gift Idea # 6 – HI-SOFT CUTTING BOARD: Top-grade synthetic surface. A very soft, popular cutting surface for professional & home chefs. Closely resembles wood in color, texture, and softness that will not damage your knife. Perfect to get it for those who has enough knives. http://bit.ly/gift6_hi-soft

Korin’s Gift Idea # 7 – GOLD FLAKE BOWL & PLATES: The technique used to hand-craft these gold flake-accented bowls & plates gives each of them an elegant and unique appearance and identity. As the bowls or plates are being finished on a wheel, artisans add gold flake which is spun randomly around the edge, resulting in a one of a kind, functional piece of art.  With a subtle gold accent, these bowls & plates are wonderful for desserts and fruits. http://bit.ly/gift7_gold