Plating with Japanese Tableware

We caught up with Phet Schwader, chef-owner of Khe-Yo in New York, where he cooks the traditional food of his Laotian heritage, dishes he learned from his mother.  We talked to Phet about his thinking behind his tableware.

“With Laotian cooking, it’s always a family style event,” explains Phet. “We serve dishes that aren’t like a sauce, and not like congee, but something in the middle. Most everything is communal, including the soup, which we would typically eat from the same big bowl with Chinese soup spoons.”

Phet’s challenge was how to translate this way of eating to a sophisticated Manhattan restaurant?

He found the answer in the hues, shapes and textures of Japanese tableware.

“I like color,” Phet says. “I like variety. I want as many options to choose from, like different designs, different things happening on the table. Makes the presentation more playful and interesting.”

The variety of Japanese tableware accentuates the flavors of this traditional menu. “I love beautiful plates to eat out of,” says Phet, “they add a certain vibe to whole dining experience.”

Check out some of Phet’s dishes plated on Japanese tableware:

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