Q&A With Vincent, Korin’s Master Knife Sharpener

Vincent Lau, Korin’s Knife Sharpener, hosts a live Q&A session on Korin’s Instagram every Monday at 11am. Follow us at instagram.com/korinknives for new updates and Live Q&A sessions. Here are some Q&A from the past week:

Q: How many stones do you (Vincent) use?

A: Depends on what I’m doing to the knife and what kind of knife I’m working on. I’ll use 2-8 stones.

Q: I lost my stone fixer, what can I use in a pinch?

A: You can use another stone if the other stone is level.

Q: Budget stone fixer?

A: Our pink stone fixer.

Korin’s Pink Stone Fixer

Q: Serrated edge, how are they sharpened?

A: There are specialized tools for sharpening a serrated edge. It looks like a cylindrical file that goes through each edge.

Q: What type of honing steel is best?

A: Diamond steel for a rougher surface and to grind more of the knife’s blade. Ceramic is better for harder steels and a more delicate surface. I recommend ceramic for thinner Japan made blades.

Mac Black Ceramic Honing Rod

Q: Favorite steel?

A: I like 8A steel, because the steel is easy to sharpen, making it easier to maintain.

Q: Getting rid of scratches on your knife?

A: If your knife has minor scratches, you can use a polishing compound. Deeper scratches can be polished out professionally, but the finish of the knife will be altered and the logo on knives will most likely be buffered out.

Cream Polish for Mirror Finish

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