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Technique | Knife Skills
Chef Yuji Haraguchi’s passion for seafood goes above and beyond. He left his salesman position in Japan to move and work for True World Foods. During his career working for one of the largest fish distributors in the US, he gained a deep understanding of the importance of sustainable seafood... Read More
Knife Skills
“I really love wagyu,” says Chef Mike Lim, “in all its forms.” Chef Mike certainly knows his wagyu; he’s worked with Japan’s prized and pricey beef for over a decade, across a half dozen restaurants. Chef Mike graciously joined us to explain how to expertly trim wagyu, and to share his... Read More
Knife Skills
In yakitori, the Japanese art of grilling chicken, process is as important as ingredients. Like with sushi, the art of cutting is the foundation of flavor—how you portion a chicken determines its taste and texture. “It all starts with detailed and specific knife work,” says yakitori expert Chef Atsushi Kono.... Read More