Masamoto Comes to KORIN

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President of Masamoto, Mr. Hinano and his son, Shoudai working together to hand-chisel a customer’s knife to make it more personalized!




President of Masamoto, Mr. Hinano brought these special knives with him during his visit to Korin




These knives are from the 1930’s. Long ago, after a knife was sharpened until it was completely unusable, chefs would inscribe the handles with messages expressing their gratefulness before disposing.

In Japan, it is believed that there are many gods. There are gods within the everyday tools you use, such as knives and needles. After a knife is unusable or broken people would bring it to a “knife shrine” to pray and leave there. It is believed that you have to give thanks to these tools for all of it’s hard work. Then the gods will move on and the tools will later be burned.