Nenohi and Korin Holiday Special Knives – Week 1

For the Holidays Nenohi and Korin will have custom special knives for our fans! Here is the 1st set of Nenohi Holiday Special Knives! Only one of each is available. Please contact our customer service team at 800.626.2172 or email for more details or to make a purchase. Happy Holidays!

[No. 1] Nenohi Shiro-ko Honyaki Mirror Finished Sakimaru Takobiki with Black Corian Handle with Magnolia Saya 15.4″ (39cm) – $2,992

[No. 2] Nenohi Nenox Gyutou with Orange Giraffe Bone Handle 9.4″ (24cm) – $962.50

[No. 3] Nenohi Nenox Hand Forged Damascus Gyutou with Red Cow-Shin Bone Handle with Magnolia Saya 8.2″ (21cm) – $1,694