Nenohi Nenox Green Limited Edition Knives

It’s hard to improve upon something as great as Nenohi Nenox knives. From their high-carbon stainless blades to their ergonomic and elegant design, they are a testament to the quality of Nenohi.

Nenohi’s very limited run of the Green-handled Nenox knives have just arrived. They feature a handle made of molded calf bone and DuPont Corian. The natural material lends a radiant, warm feel to the handle, and its beautiful color resembles the luster of an emerald.

Our supplies are extremely limited, so we recommend calling us directly at 800-626-2172 if you are interested in acquiring one of these stunning knives.

We currently have one of each of the 3 models in stock:

HNE-SG-G-210 Nenohi Nenox Green Handle Gyutou 8.2″ (21cm) $732.00
HNE-SG-YD-165 Nenohi Nenox Green Handle Yo-deba 6.4″ (16.5cm) $788
HNE-SG-P-150 Nenohi Nenox Green Handle Petty 5.9″ (150mm) $432