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Tempura. No other style of deep frying can produce such a light, lacy, crunchy crust that accentuates the natural flavors of ingredients and, yet, doesn’t taste greasy. Ingredients, typically vegetables and seafood, are dipped into a batter of flour, egg and water, and deep fried. That’s it. But of course,... Read More
Tea is a world as complex and deep as wine. With its celebrated and hallowed tea culture, Japan holds a singular place in this sphere. To understand more about how to choose and brew Japanese tea, we caught up with Zach Mangan, the founder of Kettl Tea, a company that... Read More
Japanese Knives
We caught up with Chef Louis Bayla of Little Park in Manhattan, to talk about his favorite blade in his knife bag: A special-order 9.2 inch Nenox kiritisuke.   The kiritsuke is the closest a typically specialized Japanese chef knife comes to its Swiss Army cousin:  Its unique shape—sword-like and single-edged—makes... Read More
Kitchen Tools
In our series on soba, you may have noticed Chef Shuichi Kotani working with a particular ladle when preparing the broth and flavoring base, as well as when assembling the finished dish. This ladle is called an otama—an indispensable tool found in every Japanese kitchen. Compared to a typical metal... Read More
Japanese Tableware
We caught up with Phet Schwader, chef-owner of Khe-Yo in New York, where he cooks the traditional food of his Laotian heritage, dishes he learned from his mother.  We talked to Phet about his thinking behind his tableware. “With Laotian cooking, it’s always a family style event,” explains Phet. “We... Read More