Richmen Type Ⅰ Ramen Noodle Machine

Ramen Noodle Making Machine Seminar

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Admission is $60 [3 hours] or $120 [full day] per person.

These seminar will show how a noodle machine can help your restaurant business operations. A noodle machine is beneficial to restaurants since it can produce high-quality noodles at a lower ingredient cost. The noodle machine can also satisfy the demands of fast-paced noodle restaurants that need high volume production of noodles.

The seminar will be presented by Mr. Kotani of World-Wide Soba, Inc. A renowned noodle master, Mr. Kotani has consulted many restaurants and hospitality businesses throughout the U.S. over the years on noodles quality, menu development, and back-of-the-house operations.


– Seminar using the Richmen Type 1 Ramen Noodle Machine

– Ramen making & Tasting (straight, curly, tsuke-men, udon, and/or special kind such as red pepper and spinach).

– Ramen noodle making book by Yamoto MGF. CO., LTD (includes one noodle recipe)

– Short 15 minutes DVD on soup making processes at Yamato Japan

Instructor’s Bio – Shuichi Kotani

Founder & CEO at Worldwide-Soba, Inc.

Director at All Japan Food Association (AJFA)

Founder at NPO New York Japanese Culinary Academy, Inc.

Director at New York World Washoku Challenge

Founder Samurai Papa BS Restaurant

Kotani’s Kitchen New York


Soba Totto New York

Soba Keiseki Kyourinbou Yokohama

Global Dining Gonpachi Tokyo

Edo Soba Hosokawa Tokyo

Soba Restaurant Kudan issa-an Tokyo

Catering Soba Worldwide-soba Tokyo