Chef Myers not only recommends Japanese knives but Japanese Mandolins as well!

David Myers began his life-long infatuation with food as a child helping out in the gardens on his grandparents’ farm. Working for Chefs Charlie Trotter, Gerard Boyer, and a protégé of Daniel Boulud, Myers prospered as a chef. His career as Owner-Chef of Los Angeles’ Sona has earned him numerous accolades, television appearances and appreciative fans.


What is your advice for young chefs and young people considering the career?

You should focus on work, not money. Spend money on things that will make you a better chef such as great knives, traveling, dining in great restaurants, and books.


What is your favorite thing about shopping at Korin?

Korin is an absolute wonderland and candy shop for people who love knives. Korin and the entire team put a special spark in the whole place.


Have you used Japanese cooking and kitchen tools aside from the knives?

I have used Japanese mandolins, Japanese graters, and Japanese rice cookers. The Japanese mandolins are the best, they work brilliantly. It has a simple design, a clear function, is light weight, and easy to travel with. The Japanese graters are perfect for ginger and wasabi. The craftsmanship is great.